About Us


As the use of digital technologies continues to expand, the need for technology-based expertise and supports continues to grow. Ocellus Tech is a PA and NJ based company, having parent organizations recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt/charitable, under Section 501(c)(3) and as a Type II supporting organization under Section 509(a)(3), of the Internal Revenue Code.

Ocellus Tech, was established to provide comprehensive and cost-effective IT protection and planning to the Inperium Constellation of Affiliates and other client organizations. By relying on our expertise and cutting-edge technology, organizations are able to maximize their IT investment and can focus on the further their missions and providing essential services to their communities.


Apis Services, Inc., provides the Shared Service offerings to affiliates allowing these entities to advance their mission and vision. By exploring geographical program expansion and focusing on quality outcome measures to create cost savings that result in reinvestment into the organizations stakeholders through capacity creation and employee compensation betterments.   More About Apis Services, Inc…


Ocellus Tech LLC, an Inperium, Inc. Company, provides services such as: OcellusCare, Cybersecurity and Specialized Services, in which we are able to provide secure, comprehensive and cost-effective IT protection and planning for all types of businesses. Organizations are able to feel confident that critical day-to-day system security, maintenance, updates and administration are being handled. This carries forward with ongoing quarterly business reviews, ensuring planning and relevant modernization projects are properly identified for each client’s unique market and environment.

From Technology and Risk Assessments, Comprehensive Managed IT Service, HIPAA Compliance Reviews, Cloud Support, Disaster and Continuance of Operation Support, to Mobile Device Management, Cyber Threat Protection and overall Technology Planning, we’re always thinking and communicating about what’s important to you and those you support. As being part of Inperium, Inc., our goal is to be transparent – keep clients protected, informed, and productive 24/7/365.


Ocellus Tech LLC, an Inperium, Inc. Company, is comprised of professionals skilled in the most sophisticated IT subjects. We’re a diverse and entrepreneurial group, with different business, technology and industry backgrounds – and top-notch credentials. On our team are Certified Systems, Security and Network Engineers, Certified Technology Specialists and Ethical Hackers, as well as other strategic consultants.

Our people are forward-looking thought leaders, always up on the latest technical trends and developments, serving on boards of relevant trade associations, frequently presenting seminars on key issues, writing informative articles and conducting educational trainings for different communities.

All of this reassures affiliate organizations and clients that the cyber and commercial challenges they face are not only well understood, but effectively addressed by us. Our team’s passion and commitment means you can dedicate your time and energy to achieving the current objectives and planning the future initiatives of your organization. Whatever your vision, Ocellus Tech is here to alleviate all IT stressors and support your success.