Cyber threats are bad for every industry, but they’re particularly significant for the healthcare industry, based on the services being rendered. Providers continue to refresh their technology systems to improve the delivery and experience for their patients, but many still aren’t addressing their protection standards for evolving cyber threats. Protecting healthcare data and managing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are areas to which every covered entity (of every size) and every business associate needs to pay attention. End points (edge devices) often have sensitive data being stored and/or cached (often inadvertently) based on distribution. This sensitive data MUST be protected to meet HIPAA compliance standards and safeguard patient privacy. Many healthcare professionals can be contractors, operating independently, and representing different facilities. This constant network expansion opens the attack surface, increasing the potential for future threats.

Ocellus Tech staffs a wide-range of highly-experienced cyber threat experts that assist healthcare providers with the development and maintenance of their internal controls as well as policies and procedures to ensure they are complying with regulatory requirements and their data is protected and secure..

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