Investigations and Forensics

Ocellus Tech covers all aspects of digital investigations and forensics. In the event that your organization falls victim to a cyber attack or security breach, you can rely on our team of highly-credentialed and skilled experts to assist your organization throughout the investigation and aid in recovery with minimal damage to your organization and its shareholders.


Incident Response

Incident response is the approach to managing and treating the aftermath of a cyber attack or other incident. Ocellus Tech can help you and your organization handle the situation in an efficient way that limits damage and recovery time while reducing costs.

Our team excels at providing quick and efficient recovery from cyber security incidents and breaches that threaten to harm your organization. We can help identify and investigate the root cause, contain the threat, and aid in recovery from the attack. Then we share lessons learned with you to improve security and help prevent future attacks from occurring.

Our Process:


Data Forensics

Whether your organization has fallen victim to a breach, theft, fraud or hacking, our data forensics & e-discovery services can help. We preserve and obtain data in a way that is minimally disruptive, efficient and cost effective, so we can get to the root of the problem, and justice for your organization.

We offer a variety of data forensics services, which include…

  • Data Production
  • Data Recovery
  • Password Cracking
  • Smart & Cell Phone Forensics
  • Email Tracing & Internet Investigations
  • Computer Forensics Research & Development

…all while protecting data integrity for admissibility in court.


Electronic discovery (E-Discovery) is the process of identifying, collecting and producing electronically-store information and data for the purpose of a lawsuit or investigation. Our e-discovery services provide data collection, processing, analysis, hosted review and document review for digital investigations. We assist clients and their legal counsel in uncovering and understanding all relevant data needed for the investigation or lawsuit. Our team leverages various workflows and technologies to help clients get through the discovery process quickly and efficiently to get the investigation to resolution.

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