You have high expectations of your technology provider. And you should. You want your organization to operate more effectively and efficiently as you grow – with no surprises. We get it. That’s why we’re proud to be able to provide multiple layers of services to our clients, allowing us to offer support to you and your company as it grows.

For more than two decades, we’ve worked with a variety of clients across a wide spectrum of industries. We’re dedicated to providing secure, reliable and affordable IT services to numerous clients of varying size, business sector and location. Whether you’re a manufacturer, nonprofit organization, school or medical practice, you can expect us to roll up our sleeves, assess your problem thoroughly, and come back to you with innovative solutions.

At Ocellus Tech, we are committed to responding promptly to you and proactively providing information to bring you peace of mind. We know you need someone to step in and “handle it.” Before any engagement, our professionals develop a clear understanding of service expectations, strive to meet those expectations and always seek your feedback. Rest assured, we’ll help you address any business challenges that come up and put a plan in place so you feel confident in your IT operations moving forward.


Whether you are looking for comprehensive IT support through our OcellusCare Virtual System Administration or need specific assistance meeting HIPAA regulatory compliance, we customize our services to your needs, budget, and timeline. We can work with your internal IT team, serve as your outsourced IT department or be engaged for a deadline-driven project.

Today’s technology is rapidly changing. You could be impacted by cyber related risks and challenges in an instant. As a result, we are constantly using our industry expertise and insight to anticipate changes, helping our clients navigate potential obstacles and obtain sophisticated solutions. Due to our experience, we’re often asked to present on the latest IT trends at industry conferences. We host our own learning and training workshops too, underscoring the importance we place on proactively educating our clients and communities on these topics. Our comprehensive technical knowledge and expertise in our clients’ industries and the services we perform is mostly evidenced by the successes our clients achieve. We take pride in delivering the Ocellus Tech Client Experience – giving our clients a high level of service, passion, and attention to detail from our people.

At Ocellus Tech, we provide technology services to the following industries:


  • New Jersey Association of Mental Health & Addiction Agencies – IT Council
  • New Jersey School Board Association
  • Crossroads Programs – Event Coordination Committee
  • Lower Bucks County Chamber of Commerce – Technology Committee
  • MIDJersey Chamber of Commerce – Technology Committee
  • National Italian American Foundation – Leadership Council
  • Union League of Philadelphia
  • Association of Environmental Authorities – Technology Committee