The government defines cybersecurity (according to as: “preventing, detecting and responding to cyberattacks that can have wide-ranging effects on the individual, organizations, the community, and at the national level. Cyberattacks are malicious attempts to access or damage a computer system. Cyberattacks can lead to loss of money, theft of personal information and damage to your reputation and safety.” Unfortunately, many divisions and offices of the government aren’t protected themselves. Over the last few decades, there have been a large number of compromises across the United States in organizations such as water authorities, sewer authorities, cities, townships, counties and municipalities. Government agencies require specific levels of cyber reviews and subsequent modernization plans in order to fortify their boundaries and infrastructures.

Ocellus Tech staffs a wide-range of highly-experienced cyber threat experts that assist government agencies with the development and maintenance of internal controls as well as policies and procedures to ensure they are complying with regulatory requirements and their data is protected and secure.

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