Nonprofits have the unique challenge of balancing their organizational goals with limited funding to accomplish their initiatives. Cyber criminals know and understand that IT infrastructure and security are lower priorities on nonprofit organizations’ action-item schedules and budgets. Consequently, the rise in cyber-crime perpetuated against nonprofits has rapidly increased. Many nonprofits provide occupational and skills training and advancement for their constituents, along with other developmental services that require Personal Identifiable Information (PII) for those they support. This PII MUST be protected, as governed by HIPAA, and ever-evolving cyber threat protection laws. Alignment with these evolving regulations are affecting the ability of nonprofits to secure critical funding.

Ocellus Tech staffs a wide-range of highly-experienced cyber threat experts that assist nonprofits with the development and maintenance of internal controls as well as policies and procedures to ensure they are complying with regulatory requirements and their data is protected and secure.

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