Security Awareness Training

Cyber-attacks are quickly becoming more sophisticated. Regardless of the safety measures put in place, whether it be virus protection & malware software or physical firewalls, the weakest link in any organization is its employees. 91% of successful data breaches start with a spear-phishing attack. Users are targeted via email or embedded web links that are designed to cripple organizations. Our goal is to help train your employees to better understand how they are being targeted on a daily basis and what to avoid.


OcellusCare Security Awareness Training begins by gathering a base line of your user environment to help you understand how vulnerable you are to outside threats. Statistics will be provided on how vulnerable your organization is to external phishing attempts. Users are then provided a series of interactive training videos that include demonstrations and examples of what to look for. Users are given a behind the scenes look on how hackers look to infiltrate an organization through them. Phishing tests are conducted monthly to not only help keep your employees on their toes, but also provide feedback on your user base and their ability to safely manage technology. Those users that fail to effectively identify phishing emails, will automatically be enrolled in additional training sessions. Users will receive a Phish Alert button for Outlook allowing users to report suspicious emails with one click. This allows users to safely forward email threats for analysis and deletes the email from the user’s inbox to prevent future exposure. In addition, users will receive a monthly “Tips & Tricks” Newsletter providing updated security information pertaining to active security threats.

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